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Los Angeles Destination Wedding Photographer : Chris and Brian at Hotel Baker in St. Charles

Chicago gay weddings clearly make me happy.  Being gay myself, there is absolutely nothing more thrilling than shooting a gay wedding.  I still can't believe we gays can walk down an aisle AND have the government legally recognize us and provide us with protection.  There is a long way to go, but we are moving along in the right direction.

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Ashley and Neal’s destination wedding at the Standard Club in Chicago

I always enjoy photographing a wedding at the Standard Club because of those 4 white walls, and white ceiling.  Seriously, it is a photographer’s dream.  There are so many options to easily manipulate the flash strobes because and always land a great photograph.

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Los Angeles Destination Engagement Photographer : Ashley & Neal

Chicago engagement sessions are truly magical.  Especially with this couple who finally got married a few months back with a wedding at the Standard Club.  Stay tuned for next week when we reveal their wedding ceremony and reception.  Ashley and Neal wanted to do two sessions: One in the winter in their home in the Gold Coast overlooking Lake Michigan and the second session in their Gold Coast neighborhood when the weather finally warmed.

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Los Angeles Celebrity Baby Shower Photographer : Stacy Keibler

Celebrity Stacy Keibler’s baby shower at her private estate in Beverly Hills was a spectacular affair held on a Saturday afternoon back in early June.  In attendance were celebrity wives, her closest girl friends and family including Jared Pobre’s mother.  Ladies drank cocktails, ate from an incredible spread displayed inside the kitchen, gathered poolside, listened to the beat of a DJ, painted their nails and laughed during the afternoon festivities.

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Ed Libby & Co : Libbyland14 a Heaven Can Wait party

Photographing my first Ed Libby & Co event leaves me grappling for words.  I hope my story further into this post will clarify why I have such inarticulate thoughts.  For those who do not know Ed Libby and his crazy talent, you will find him based in New York City working as a florist and event designer creating parties that are the definition of luxury all over the world.

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