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Ritz Carlton Naples Wedding Destination : Katie and Tim

This Naples, Florida wedding at the Ritz Carlton is so special and exciting to share.  My client, Katie and Tim, found my work one evening while searching the web for decor from Ritz events.  While they loved the decor from that one wedding, I happened to photograph that specific wedding. 

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Chicago Standard Club Wedding by Los Angeles Destination Photographer

Mara and Joshua booked me through their mother, via an email, as a referral from Beth Bernstein of SQN Events.  Are you following still?  They trusted Beth, loved the work they saw on my web site and booked sight unseen.  When I showed up to the wedding, I had never met the client nor the families.  That is a little unusual for me, but growing more common.

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Destination Chinese Wedding in Chicago : Shidi and Feng

Shidi comes to me from a previous Chinese Chicago wedding I shot several years ago when she was a bridesmaid.  I am honored to still be working with the group after all these years, and like usual, we nailed out some truly incredible portraits throughout the day.

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Los Angeles Destination Wedding Photographer : Chris and Brian at Hotel Baker in St. Charles

Chicago gay weddings clearly make me happy.  Being gay myself, there is absolutely nothing more thrilling than shooting a gay wedding.  I still can't believe we gays can walk down an aisle AND have the government legally recognize us and provide us with protection.  There is a long way to go, but we are moving along in the right direction.

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Ashley and Neal’s destination wedding at the Standard Club in Chicago

I always enjoy photographing a wedding at the Standard Club because of those 4 white walls, and white ceiling.  Seriously, it is a photographer’s dream.  There are so many options to easily manipulate the flash strobes because and always land a great photograph.

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