Everything you want to know about your Kevin Weinstein Fine Art Photography purchase. (Well, almost. I discuss my inspirations, creative process and artistic intent in this Q&A.)  

What are my payment and shipping options?

I accept Visa and Mastercard online payments. You will be prompted to enter your credit card information at checkout. Sales tax will be added only to orders shipping to a California address. Please allow four to six weeks for processing, after which your fine art print will ship via UPS and you will receive a tracking number. Shipping cost is $45 (for safe packaging) for each print via UPS Ground. For 2-Day rush shipping, add $75 and for overnight add $125. Please inquire about international shipping rates. All shipments are insured.

Four to six weeks is a long time. Is it possible to expedite my order?

Please contact me about a faster turnaround for processing. I will try to get your fine art print into your hands faster, but I often travel on assignment and cannot accommodate every request. I am personally involved with the printing process every step of the way to ensure each print is of the highest quality.

What paper will my image be printed on?

I am so glad you asked because this makes all the difference. The museum-grade Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl paper I have chosen to print my work on is a bright-white, acid-free, archival cellulose paper that will not yellow or degrade over time. I could "nerd out" over its superiority all day long, but I suppose it's easiest to point you to the source for more details if you're as into the minutiae as I am.

I would like my print on canvas (or some other substrate). Will you do this?

At this time, I only offer traditional printing on the paper I have specially selected to display my images to their best advantage.

Why aren't the image dimensions the same as the paper it's printed on?

I use standard paper sizes and will not compromise the integrity of the image by cropping or otherwise altering the proportions of the original artwork to fit the paper sizes. Also, the borders provide space for matting, framing, and handling the print without harming the image. My signature goes in the white space at the bottom, which is something to keep in mind when framing.

When matting and framing the image, it is your choice to display the signature or not.

Can I request a custom size?

Depending on the image, I may be able to fill requests for custom sizes. However, a custom size will not be part of a limited edition run. Contact me to discuss.

Does the image on your site accurately represent what I will be sent?

I strive for image accuracy and color fidelity, but, in some cases, the visual representation may be approximate or slightly different due to the nature of your monitor calibration while viewing websites.

What does the Certificate of Authenticity mean?

Each fine art print comes with a Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity with two matching, serialized, numbered holograms that I recommend affixing to the back of the frame of your print (not the print itself!). This certificate, signed by me, documents the artist's name, print size, date the image was created, where the print was created, its own unique serial number, the production technique, and the archival materials used to create your artwork. Your receipt will also be signed, which is another method of proving authenticity. You'll want to have these if I kick the bucket and my artwork suddenly is worth millions.

What does it mean for my print to be part of a limited edition?

By default, all prints are open editions unless otherwise stated next to each picture on the website. By its very nature, and in stark contrast to other artforms, photography is intended to be reproduced. The common practice in the fine art world is to produce fine art photography in limited editions, setting a fixed number of prints for the print run, in order to create scarcity and allow for the work to appreciate in value. The size of the print run plays an important role in determining value.

Each limited edition print is numbered in the order it is produced. All limited edition Kevin Weinstein prints will have the number of the edition next to the photographer's signature in the bottom margin.

Are prints framed or matted?

I do not offer those options at this time, partly due to prohibitive shipping costs. Your local framer will help you pick just the right frame for your print. I highly recommend an independent frame shop over a big box store. If you go the online route for matting, Matboard and More does custom mats for an affordable price. DO NOT forget to always specify acid-free, museum-grade mat board to keep your print from becoming damaged over time. 

How do I care for my print?

The best protection you can give your print is to "store" it in a mat, behind UV-protection glass or Plexiglas, and in a frame away from direct sunlight; I highly recommend doing so right away. If you cannot frame your print right away, please store it flat, taking care to protect the surface from scratches and indentations.

Can I cancel my order?

Cancellations can be made within 24 hours of the order.  After 24 hours, no cancellations will be allowed.

How do I return a print?

I can only accept returns on damaged photographs caused by shipping (shipping materials must be saved in order to receive a refund). 

What should I do if I receive a damaged piece of art?

If you receive a damaged photograph, contact me within 24 hours. Save the box and all packaging material because I MUST have all these items in order to process the claim. If materials are thrown out, I am unable to process any claims. 

How can I reach Customer Service?

Pleasee-mail me at kevin@kevinweinstein.com or call 310-498-2126 with any questions or concerns or